Our Goal

Our Goal is: "A Healthier Them"

The goal of Cornerstone-BCH3C  congregations aligns with that of the clergy's goals. We feel strongly about our clergy's health and therefore, just as strong about the members of their churches.


Our goal is to see participating congregation members physically fit and healthier.

"Behold, I will bring it health and healing; I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth." Jer 33:6



Healthier Congregation 

What We Do

Cornerstone-BCH3C will assist every participating congregation by providing information and resources pertaining fitness, health and wellness. Our program leadership team will meet  with the pastor to help find, appoint and train one or two of the laity to serve as Lay Health Leader at each church. The Lay Health Leader (LHL) is a key roll in the church to help facilitate all initiatives pertaining to fitness, health and wellness. Participating congregations will receive health screening and assessments which will be done by our partnering fitness and wellness agencies.

Participating congregations will also receive assistance on developing wellness / fitness policies and guidelines for fellowship meal functions and activities.

How We Do It

Cornerstone-BCH3C will meet with the pastor of all participating congregations and assist in organizing participating congregation in health efforts at each church. Special attention is given to providing information and resources on fitness, health and wellness. Participation congregation will receive instruction on the process of hosting health and wellness fairs, health screenings, and health educational training's.

Partnering agencies will facilitate meeting and workshops providing information, resources training and screening to address negative barriers to fitness, health wellness and fitness of participating congregations.


01. Healthy Clergy 

02. Healthy Congregations

03. Healthy Community